April 23, 2018 Stories of the Past: The Leeskamer / Reading Room

The Leeskamer was the former reading room, or "hangout spot," of the stock exchange's most powerful elite. It's where the top brass — the board of directors of the stock exchange — played a game of pool, sat and read a newspaper or book borrowed from the adjacent library, puffed on a cigar, had a drink, or engaged in light conversation in between meetings in the nearby Raadzaal (the board's meeting room).

Today, this recently-rennovated room has new sound-proof ceiling tiles, modern projectors and lighting, and stain-proof carpet, but still with a touch of history: the room's "bar" is an authentic desk from the building's original furniture, and the fresh paint job resembles that of the room's original color scheme.

The room accommodates 70 people in a theatre set-up, 45 in a school set-up or 30 in a hollow square set-up. The adjacent former stock exchange library makes the perfect space for a breakout session.