April 23, 2018 Chantal, Meet Berlage's World Traveler: Where is She Now?

Chantal Schram, Dutch travel blogger and Meet Berlagian, has been traveling across the world... and we're jealous. She's been keeping us up-to-date on her latest travels, and we love following along!

April 2018

"Time flies! It feels like only yesterday that I left Australia for a month of travelling in Vietnam, and now I'm already in my third destination: Taiwan. While Vietnam was feeling like a true South East Asian country (hectic and touristic), Taiwan is way more off the beaten track. It compares best with China and Japan, including not being able to read anything. Hello adventure! But luckily for me there are apps these days that makes it all a little easier (what to do without Google Translate?) and there is wifi pretty much everywhere. The latter is even more important, because although I am travelling my ass off, there is still ‘real’ work to be done! 

Want to stay up to date? My adventures are featured on my blog: Only two more weeks to go!" 

March 2018

"This lucky bastard, or ‘digital nomad’, as they call it nowadays, is traveling and working across the globe! At the moment of writing I’ve been gone for exactly one month and still have two more months of sunshine to go. The biggest perk of being a freelance content creator and travel blogger is being able to write whenever and wherever I want. Why spend it in ice cold Holland when I can also be on the other side of the globe? I started with a week of relaxing in Bali, and for the last 3 weeks I explored the South East of beautiful Australia. Next up: Vietnam! Any recommendations are more than welcome (please send me an email to See you all again in May :-)"

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