Yes, welcome! Meet Berlage welcomes you with great pleasure. Here, online, but also in real life, with us in the ‘Beurs van Berlage’. Meet Berlage is a lively, low-key and pleasant place, where you can flexibly work and meet, and all of this in the hart of historical Amsterdam! We hope to find you soon in this unique location, so that you may enjoy the benefits of this positive and communal work climate. The latter is something we truly believe: because sharing knowledge and skills is the key to development, and an open attitude gives a strong impulse to growth. But let’s also remember that openness and interaction simply makes for a sociable workplace.
On our website, we try to show you the full range of possibilities Meet Berlage has to offer you. Should you still have any questions, feel free to simply contact us por favor! For example by giving us a call at (+3120-2610903). By the way, we’d love to show you around anytime, so that we may tell you more about the history of the building!