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Meet Berlage provides 7 different spaces in total, each with a unique character, but all of them have the same exquisite, monumental atmosphere. The bookings vary in type and have a wide range: lectures, workshops, meetings, presentations, courses, creative sessions, and so on. In short, there are a lot of possibilities! Of cours we're happy to offer you a quote. However you may also book online, using the buttons 'Book directly' which you'll find when clicking through to the various meeting spaces. In case you book online you'll benefit from flexible rates. Depending on how busy we are on a specific day you'll get lower prices. Mondays and Wednesdays tend to be less busy and thus offer more favorable pricing.
The capacity varies from 2 to 14 persons on the main floor, and from 2 to 80 persons on the first floor.
To all spaces, the following applies:

  • Different setups possible.
  • Audiovisual facilities available.
  • Lunch, snacks, drinks and diner are possible, during or after the meeting.
  • Bookings outside our regular opening hours are possible in agreement.
  • Favorable cancellation conditions; every booking may be modified or cancelled without charges (please note: additional conditions may be applicable in some cases)

(You can indicate all of these matters when booking.)
And of course, WIFI is available anywhere, and at all times. We’ve got coffee and tea waiting. We’d like to help you find the perfect room for your meeting. In fact, if you want a guided tour, we’d love to give you one!