March 12, 2018 Stories of the Past: The Director's Desk

The former desk of the Director of the Stock Exchange is worth how much?

As you may know, the Meet Berlage is located in the former offices of the Dutch Stock Exchange, which was here from 1903-1913, at which point it moved next door.

The famous "Raadzaal" on the first floor, Meet Berlage's masterpiece, used to host the board of the stock exchange —
and lo and behold, the director's desk is still here. It's a monumental museum piece currently occupying the office of Intel471, Pixelstyle and NLTimes. Lucky guys!

Estimated to be worth potentially up to €300.000, it was designed in cohesion with the paneling, doors and bookcase in the Raadzaal, all unified by distinct carvings placed in rectangular frames — Berlage designed a different decoration for each frame.

"It's pretty crazy to work next to something with so much history," said Tycho from Intel471. "I wish I could work from it, but I don't think that's allowed."

Meet Berlage is considering to bring the desk back into the Raadzaal, where it belongs.

Interested in the fascinating history of our building? You can buy the Beurs van Berlage book for €10 at the Meet Berlage reception desk.