March 12, 2018 Meet Berlagian Spotlight: Poopy Cat, 1meter98, Steiger B & MOOI Lost Op

In the past few months, Meet Berlagians have been up to a lot of exciting things — and making big accomplishments. Here are just a few:

Poopy Cat: Bought by Dutch pet product leader

Who enjoys cleaning their cat’s litter box? The answer: no one. That’s why, back in 2013, Rick Passenier and Thomas Vles sat in Meet Berlage conceptualizing the creation of the perfect disposable litter box — and Poopy Cat was born. Fast forward to today: Rick is still at Meet Berlage directing the business acceleration and innovation services at PACE Business Partners, and his poopy start-up has recently announced a major acquisition by Dutch pet product leader IJsvogel Groep — meaning their innovative litter boxes (and their Oprah-endorsed Landmark cat playhouses, including the Taj Mahal, Maya Temple and Kremlin) are now sold in 200 Pets Place and Boerenbond stores country-wide (maybe you’ve seen them?).

1meter98: Amsterdam Museum nominee

Meet Berlage's own 1meter98 was shortlisted, along with five other architectural firms, to create the master design for the historical and renowned Amsterdam Museum. The goal of the renovation? To reinvigorate the museum's identity and relationship with the public. The museum tells the story of Amsterdam's history through many rare treasures — giving visitors a fascinating glimpse into the development of our special city. Read more here.

Steiger B: A Fastest Growing Company

Steiger B, located on the second floor of the Meet Berlage, recently received Financial Daily's FD Gazelles award for being ranked among the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Congrats! Read more here.

MOOI Lost Op: Winners of the HEMbrug! Project

Meet Berlage real estate developers and conceptualizers MOOI lost op recently won the tender for the HEMbrug! project — the former Zaandam military terrain of 30 hectares, with multiple monumental buildings and landscapes, will be transformed in a mixed living + working environment. Congrats, guys! Read more here.