September 9, 2019 Stories of the past: Meet Berlage’s foyer

The Noteerzaal (Listing Hall) is the heart of our venue. Where coworkers connect today and meeting space guests enjoy their lunch, a century ago stock traders had their stocks listed.

In those days the space had a direct access to the trading floor. Once stocks had been bought or sold, traders had to go next door to the Noteerzaal to have prices of their stocks listed. Berlage symbolised the job that was being done here with the decoration of the steal beams bearing the roof: note the percentage signs and the abacuses painted on the beams.

Stock trade left the Beurs van Berlage within 10 years after opening in 1903. The former premises had many diffent occupations afterwards. Since 1984 the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra rented half of the Beurs van Berlage: both the former Stock Exchange and the former Wheat Exchange. For decades, our current coworking foyer was the orchestra’s cantina. Until end 2018 above the entrance of the space it said ‘Artiestenfoyer’.

Today, the Noteerzaal brings together coworkers from companies hiring an office at Meet Berlage, coworkers with an individual monthly workspace subscription, coworkers with flexible workspaces booked with social capital through Seats2meet, as well as meeting space guests enjoying lunch or drinks. All these entrepreneurial minds have discovered the charm of the this exceptional space. Curious? Book a workspace for a day through Seat2meet and experience the vibe. And have our barista’s make you an exceptional coffee!