March 8, 2019 Stories of the Past: The Lotenzaal

We've recently renovated our Lotenzaal, a cozy and beautiful meeting space adjacent to the Noteerzaal (formerly the Artists' Foyer). The room is full of history — but we realized we didn't quite know what this history was. What was the room's original function? So, Hans sat down with the Amsterdam Stock Exchange's historical expert Cherelt Kroeze to learn more about the room's initial purpose (hint: it had nothing to do with trading stocks). Here's what he learned:


From 1903-1913, the Beurs van Berlage housed the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The exchange traded not only stocks, but also government bonds.



How do bonds work? It's a tradable loan to a national government or other public entity or to a company. Throughout the bond's duration, you receive annual interest payments. And at the end of a bond's duration, you'd get the full amount of the bond reimbursed. However, there is a large variety of bonds and in those days some even lasted forever. Others were reimbursed to some borrowers, while other borrowers to the same lender could keep their bonds and continue to benefit from dividends. It was decided by a lottery whose bonds would be reimbursed. And this was decided in the lottery room, our 'Lotenzaal'.

Today, the Lotenzaal has a new role: a gezellige meeting space for all kinds of gatherings. With its spacious, yet intimate and historic atmosphere, it's the perfect balance for a small to medium sized group. (Not to mention, the view of Central Station is unrivaled). Interested in booking it for your group? Visit to learn more.