July 13, 2021 Around the corner: Topher Gross // Hair Artist & Entrepreneurial Mind

Topher is an award-winning international Platform Artist and high-end hairstylist based in Amsterdam and NYC with clients all over the world.

As a native New Yorker, Topher always had a finger on the pulse of trends, innovation and classic glamour. With 15+ years of experience,  he’s created styles that not only transcend but transform his clientele.

With training by mentors from luxury hairstyling and product brands like Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, Bumble & Bumble + ARROJO, he’s been the go-to for any cut or style imaginable. Topher is a precision razor and scissor cut specialist known for curly, textured, layered and short cuts that are wearable, edgy and expertly tailed to each clients unique look.
During the lockdown in New York, he pivoted his business to online haircuts and education creating a demand for virtual haircut lessons where he guides clients step-by-step to cut their own or other people’s hair. Through word of mouth, he had clients from Helsinki, Shanghai, Honolulu and San Francisco to name a few and Topher is still doing virtual cuts today.
To continue to keep his clients safe, once lockdown ended in June 2020, Topher started working outside in a tent down the street from his house cutting 12 clients a day 4-5 days a week by appointment only. This allowed for visibility in his community and business took off both online and in-person.
Topher moved to Amsterdam in May 2021 and works at Oh You Pretty Things, Spuistraat 53, as well as freelances for photo shoots, movies/television & travels back and forth to take care of clients in New York and California.
“What makes me an entrepreneurial mind is that I have the ability to turn a circumstance that would have otherwise been devastating for my business and career into an exciting opportunity that allowed me to build clientele and expand my reach. By thinking out of the box and looking at unconventional ways of existing or moving through this world, you never know what’s possible. I’m proof that if you open yourself and your mind up to new ideas, success will follow.”
To book in with Topher, visit the Oh You Pretty Things website or contact him on Instagram @hairxtopher