April 28, 2019 What I'm Working on at Meet Berlage: Harald de Jong

Harald started working at Meet Berlage when he was still working for another company. But three years ago, he became one of our “entrepreneurial” minds and launched his own company. It's called M-Learn, and it offers customized online training material in the fields of law, regulations and safety. Known as ”Measure Made Learning”, the materials are action-oriented and 100% mobile. Cool! 
“It’s very easy to use and it’s efficient,” he says. So, if you ever need to train your employees and don’t have the tools to do it yourself, ask Harald! He might be the perfect guy to help you out.

Besides M-Learn, Harald is also fascinated in running, especially marathon running. He created his own online training platform called “Run 8”, which helps you train for a 42.195km marathon. By sharing videos about, for example, what to eat during the run, how to improve your running technique or how to prevent injuries, Harold advises people how to best make it to the finish. Ever thought about running a marathon? Check or visit Harold in the Noteerzaal at Meet Berlage — go for it!