March 27, 2018 Drinking in Style: The 100th KRNWTR Cooler at Meet Berlage

Thirsty? Come to Meet Berlage, where you can now drink water from the most sustainable (and stylish) water cooler in the Netherlands.

KRNWTR, one of Meet Berlage’s longest clients, is on a mission: to re-think the way people drink tap water. The company's known for their stylish, reusable water bottles that help prevent plastic waste in the environment  (5% of sales to the Plastic Soup Foundation, a local NGO working to eliminate plastic waste in the ocean).

Now, their signature, handmade coolers, which can now be seen in companies, schools and hotels across the country, offer a new, sleek incentive to drink tap water instead of bottled water or another beverage.

The residual wood leftover after processing bamboo is typically useless, but once compressed, it makes the perfect container for water. The idea? When there’s a nice, stylish water tap, people drink more tap water.

"Schools let us know that children drink less sugar drinks and are therefore better concentrated,” said Tom Niekamp, founder of KRNWTR. “More water is also being consumed at companies.”

The coolers not only emphasize the healthiness and great taste of Holland’s high-quality tap water, but also its environmental friendliness, especially in comparison to bottled spring and mineral water — which requires 160 liters of oil for the production and transport of 1 plastic bottle.

KRNWTR established itself at the Meet Berlage almost 1.5 years ago: "We often work together with other [Meet Berlage] entrepreneurs, such as the photographer Mark Koolen, who has made beautiful pictures of our water tap. With the 100th water cooler, we wanted to give something back to the Meet Berlage community,” said Niekamp.

"We are proud that KRNWTR is established with us,” said Hans Huijsmans, owner of Meet Berlage. “We fully support the KRNWTR mission. Tom and Roderick also make an active contribution to our community. Super that their 100th watercooler has been placed with us at the location!”

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