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The first ever Women in Tech conference hosted by Meet Berlage seeks to provide an open forum in which women are empowered to network, expand their knowledge both within and outside their field of expertise, and share their experiences with one another. Ensuring that women are afforded access to, control over, and the ability to create and shape the future of technology, are at the core of our vision. As such, we hope to facilitate interaction and encourage networking opportunities for women, both already in the tech industry, and those looking to find their footing.

The conference itself will include a variety of dynamic speakers to engage in meaningful discourse on thought leadership, innovation, opportunities and challenges surrounding women in today's tech workforce. There will also be creative and interactive workshops to challenge participants and encourage interaction. This interaction is one of the key tenants of the conference itself. One of the key tenants of the event itself is that no one should feel left out. It is therefore the responsibility of every attendee to make sure that everyone is included.

Women at all stages in their career, whether in a technical position or at a tech company, are invited to attend. Leaders in their selected industries will be sharing their journeys, leadership strategies and insights.

We invite all to come and enjoy a full day of workshops, speeches, and amazing opportunities to build authentic relationships and develop professionally.



Jenny Shen

Jenny Shen is a Senior UX/Product Designer who creates digital products for clients across the globe. With a passion for helping designers grow in skills and confidence, she mentors people under her mentorship program. In her spare time, she is advocating for diversity and empowering women to succeed as the Regional Director of EMEA at Ladies that UX, a global non-profit organization active in over 50 cities around the world.


Valeria Ferrari

Valeria is a researcher and activist in the field of blockchain and legal domain. With a fine grasp of legal subjects and a strong curiosity for digital innovation she studies the evolving dynamics between technology, society and law. In the past, she has been involved in European Projects on ICT and criminal law. After approaching cryptocurrencies from a criminological perspective, she has perceived the potentials of blockchain technology for the common good. Within the Blockchain Workspace she explores and shares ideas on self-sovereign identity and other blockchain applications improving human rights.


Melissa Tolud

Melissa is an Empowering Director at this huge international platform called EBW2020 (Empower a Billion Women by 2020). EBW2020 is establish in Austin, Texas and EBW2020 provide a collaborative community with access to a powerful network. EBW2020 Connects women to financial resources through education, community and technology, including leaders who are world-renowned business and financial experts, international best-selling authors, and speakers.


Tycho van Marle

Tycho is an ex-cop, ex-cybercrime analyst, nerd currently working as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Expert. He also thinks cybersecurity is sexy!

Cybersecurity has long been a subject reserved for the likes of sweaty nerds, but with our rapidly changing world thieves, spies and security firms are now competing on uneven ground with one another find computer flaws first. The weakest link is often sitting behind the keyboard as humans have a tendency to be very exploitable.

So how should you defend yourself against all these digital threats? One way is through Cyber Threat Intelligence, James Bond gone digital, a growing niche of cybersecurity. This talk aims to give some insight into a world you might not know much but which is a lot bigger (and scarier) than you might think.



Trivago N.V. is a German multinational tech company whose primary product is a meta-search for finding hotels at the best possible price. Since its inception, the company has grown at a rapid rate and is now home to more than 1,500 employees. Of these, more than 500 are Engineers/Developers. One question that gets asked a lot is why does a company whose main product is a simple website, need so many employees? The truth is, there is a lot of complexity happening in the background in order to power our website. In this talk, we will take you on a small journey as to how the many teams in our tech department work together to bring trivago to the world!

As our official sponsor, trivago will also be presenting a workshop! The concept of pitching projects at trivago is intended to put our focus where it belongs: our users. Team members are encouraged to present their own ideas for how we can make our product better. If the project generates interest internally, a team is built and thus begins a development sprint to make the feature or improvement a reality. We're so excited about this process, that we want to share this collaborative experience. Our workshop will give participants a hands-on experience in investigating and conceptualising a new feature in a pitching based environment and a chance to win a small prize.


Hyacinth Jones 

Hyacinth is a born entrepreneur, a self-didact, passionate parent educator, and an inner-strengths coach. Determined to stimulate positive change in the leadership and education of children.


Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers

Manager Tech & Innovation at IBM The Netherlands with more then 17 years of experience in development, implementation and management of technical solutions for various IBM clients in The Netherlands and Europe. Worked on a wide range of projects, from big transition & transformations of IT landscapes to small but agile projects. Some of them were award-winning.

Passionate about technology and innovation, and using it to make social impact and difference in the world. Effective communicator. Creator of opportunities and values. Strong believer in trustful relationships. My leadership style is leading by example, by influencing and inspiring others to use their talents, develop their potentials and reach their goals.

UN Women’s EmpowerWomen Champion for Change serving as advocate for women’s economic empowerment both online and in the local communities by doing series of initiatives such as expanding the UN Women EmpowerWomen Organizational Hub and participation in campaigns like #Iam(wo)man, #BreakTheGlass and #HERstory.


Jackie Delgado

Jackie is a coach and her career as a high-level international consultant and PA has rewarded her with invaluable work experience. She is a strategist and is known for her pragmatic business acumen and is more than capable of solving the most complex of problems. Jackie has worked in Kenya, Spain and the Netherlands, but her roots lie in the Cape Verde Islands. She is skilled at helping people to live life more easily by honing in on the very roots of their belief systems and working at that core level.

With her help, they are able to connect with their deepest truths and finally see their true higher selves. Their brilliance and authenticity.


Claire Passy

Claire Passy is a French entrepreneur based in Amsterdam who co- founded ThereSheGoes, a mobile application connecting women OFFline. Her goal: creating the first SOCIABLE network for women.
Because she noticed it wasn't easy for women to create a new network while moving in a new country or traveling alone, she decided to create a solution in order to support the women empowerment movement.
Although everyone told her she wouldn't manage because she used to be an actress, studied English and German literature and worked for the TV industry, she decided to trust her gut feeling, moved to Amsterdam and start this new challenge. Now this crazy idea does exist and many people from different countries joined the project. The whole team believes it's important to share the story, the mistakes and the questionings we've been through in order to inspire people and bring more women to this amazing journey.


Iffat Rose Gill

Iffat Gill is the founder of The Code To Change, an innovative initiative to bridge the gender and e-skills gap in the technology industry.

Iffat is an accomplished international NGO leader-activist, social innovator and digital strategist working on gender equality and economic empowerment of women through digital inclusion. With more than 14 years of experience in the non-profit sector, Iffat founded ChunriChoupaal as a training and capacity building initiative for the social and economic empowerment of women in remote areas of the world.

Iffat has been at the forefront of shaping the policy debate of women’s digital inclusion for close to a decade at grassroots and international level. She has advocated for the issue at the UN’s World Summit on the Information Society-WSIS Forum, the UN’s Internet Governance Forum and the European Parliament.

Her project Community Technology Center for Women in Pakistan won the Syster's Award from the Anita Borg Institute.


Sylvia MaTtens

After more than a decade in law enforcement, Sylvia Mattens chose the freedom of a life as entrepreneur and leadership development specialist. Passionate about adding value to people, she is the ambitious founder of Lead with Benefits, an organization that matches and aligns vision and strategy with company culture through leadership development, and of Neo Vita, an organization that empowers people to develop their personal leadership and become the leader of their own life and career. Sylvia is on a mission to develop leaders. She believe that good leadership is the way to get the very best out of yourself, out of your team and out of your organization. It takes people to a higher level and inspires them to unleash their full potential.


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